Software Integration

Do you use 5 different software systems and want them to talk? We integrate software to ensure they autonomously talk with one another.

Sav speaking to a client about our Software Integration service.
  • Systems that Communicate

    We ensure inventory systems, ecommerce platforms, accounting systems, emails and any other software talk with one another. We integrate it all.

  • Popular Software Platforms

    We integrate many popular software platforms such as Xero, Quickbooks, MYOB, Shopify, WordPress, MailChimp, Cin7 Core, Square Slack and many more.

  • Custom Integrations

    We integrate custom software systems. We will write the programs necessary to integrate any platforms together, popular or custom, new or old.

Logos of multiple well known software platforms Xero, Katana, simPRO, MailChimp, AWS, Slack, Google Cloud, Cin7 Core, Quickbooks and MYOB.

Our Services

Static . Ecommerce . Custom

We offer a wide range of Software Integration services from application integrations to custom implementations.

  • The applications Slack, Xero, MailChimp, Shopify and Dear Systems Cin7 communicating with one another to demonstrate integrations we can do.

    Application Integrations

    • Inventory
    • POS
    • Accounting

    We integrate applications to communicate with other software platforms. Whether a business requires their POS (Point of Sales) to communicate to their Inventory System, we do it all. Whatever the application or software platform, we write the software glue necessary to compose applications together to allow them to communicate with one another.

  • The logo of Xero accounting sending a red beam of data to the logo of Shopify. This represents both software products talking to one another.

    Accounting Software Integration

    • Xero
    • Quickbooks
    • MYOB

    Whether a business uses Xero, Quickbooks, MYOB or something else custom, we integrate accounting software to talk with other software products. From Inventory Systems, ecommerce platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce, Amazon Web Services to Google Cloud, we integrate software to ensure systems talk with one another.

  • A question mark representing an custom software system sending data to known software platforms such as simPRO, Quickbooks, Xero, MYOB and Google Cloud.

    Custom Integrations

    • Custom Built
    • In-House
    • Server Onsite

    Does your business use a custom built software platform? No problem, as Software Engineers this is our bread and butter, we connect software systems whether off the shelf or custom built. We guide our clients through the best options given their requirements.

Why Integrate Software?

Connect . Save . Improve

We integrate separate software systems to save our clients time, money and improve internal processes.

  • Connect separate software platforms Many businesses buy software products that fail to communicate with one another, which means many labour hours to transfer data between multiple software platforms. We stop that by connecting these systems which allows companies to save time and money.
  • Save time and money Since software systems fail to talk it means an employee must move the data from system to system. A software integration prevents this through allowing systems to automatically communicate with one another in real time.
  • Improve Internal Processes When software systems communicate with one another it allows new automation and internal processes that never existed before. For example, we setup an integration to email clients when the inventory of a product replenishes.
An iphone, ipad and computer showcasing the website Sanico Software built for Luxe Collaborative.

Made by Locals

Adelaide . Local . Qualified

We are Sav and Dom Tripodi from Adelaide, South Australia. We both graduated in Software Engineering and Computer Science from the University of South Australia. We have worked for companies big and small, such as such as Jobs Statewide, Harvest the Fleurieu, The Professionals, Bovalina Olive Oil, PALOMA+CO and more.

  • Qualified Software Engineers.

  • Wealth of experience.

  • Deliver quality websites on-time.

Sav Tripodi and Dom Tripodi together smiling.

Popular Integrations

Xero . Shopify . Square

We integrate many clients that use popular software platforms such as Xero, Shopify, MYOB, Salesforce and many others. We also integrate custom software platforms so no stress if you don't find yours below.

  • The logo of the accounting software Xero.

    Xero Integrations

    • Shopify to Xero

    • Stripe to Xero

    • Square to Xero

    • WooCommerce to Xero

    • PayPal to Xero

  • The logo of the ecommerce platform Shopify.

    Shopify Integrations

    • Xero to Shopify

    • Quickbooks to Shopify

    • Stripe to Shopify

    • MailChimp to Shopify

    • Instagram to Shopify

  • The logo of the ecommerce platform Square.

    Square Integrations

    • Xero to Square

    • WooCommerce to Square

    • Wix to Square

    • MailChimp to Square

    • Zapier to Square

Other Platforms

  • The logo of MYOB


  • The logo of Quickbooks


  • The logo of WooCommerce


  • The logo of Stripe


  • The logo of MailChimp


  • The logo of Zapier


  • The logo of WordPress


  • The logo of SalesForce


  • The logo of simPro


  • The logo of Cin7 Inventory

    Cin7 Inventory

  • The logo of AWS Amazon

    AWS Amazon

  • The logo of Google Cloud

    Google Cloud

Who We've Worked For

From the Australian Federal Government, IBM, Jobs Statewide, and well known local small businesses in Adelaide, we are experienced and capable Software Engineers.

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