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We specialise in designing and developing custom storefronts for our clients. We put an emphasis on increasing sales by improving performance ratings and adding authentic SEO.

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  • Improve the reach of Shopify stores to a wider audience.

  • Increase sales with higher performance and clear designs.

  • Develop custom features to add extra functionality.

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An online ecommerce store needs to sell items without you in the shop. This means your website needs to load fast, have easy navigation and be visually appealing. Pre-built themes can cost cheap and be poorly built or cost high and sink your budget. It also doesn’t help that your store has large competition given anyone can set up a basic template.

Why would a customer buy from your store instead of your competitors?

The advantage you hold is that many competitors use basic and cheap templates. They also attempt the job themselves. This can result in websites that look amateur, similar and lack unique credibility. It also results in slow load times, poor accessibility metrics and lower rankings. This is why we offer an alternative to develop custom stores around your branding, max out all site metric scores and achieve a higher ranking.

Our Process

Design . Draft . Implement

We work closely with every client to ensure you are happy with the final website.

  • Discuss your Vision We sit and discuss what you visualise for your brand. Whether you are established or just beginning, we provide advice on what is achievable and how much your vision will cost to implement.
  • Provide Drafts To ensure you are happy with your custom designs, we provide iterative drafts and use your feedback to improve the designs.
  • Design for Multiple Screens It is important that your online store is easy to use on multiple screen sizes. Customers are using mobiles, tablets and desktops which requires design attention for each screen.
  • Optimise for Performance We ensure the website has peak performance speeds which contributes to ranking your website higher. This is done through minimising image files, writing optimal code and hosting the website through trustworthy servers.
  • Deliver Final Draft After the iterative drafts, we provide you a final draft of the entire website. You are able to view the website on all screen sizes in a test environment and provide final feedback before approving the final draft.
  • Publish Website We take the final draft of your website and publish it online. We ensure your domains and emails have been set up correctly and we then communicate with Google to alert them of your newly published website.
An iphone, ipad and computer showcasing the website Sanico Software built for Luxe Collaborative.

Made by Locals

Adelaide . Local . Qualified

We are Sav and Dom Tripodi from Adelaide, South Australia. We both graduated in Software Engineering and Computer Science from the University of South Australia. We have worked for companies big and small, such as IBM, UniSA, Bobbies Petcare and many others.

  • Qualified Software Engineers.

  • Wealth of experience.

  • Deliver quality websites on-time.

Sav Tripodi and Dom Tripodi together smiling.

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