Oct 3, 2022

Why is the title of my ecommerce product important for SEO?

A finger pointing to an example of a bad title of an ecommerce product that says umbrella.
Take the opportunity to boost the SEO of an ecommerce product.

Website Tip #8: Write descriptive, clear, and concise titles for your products on your ecommerce website to rank higher on Google.

I wrote this tip because I noticed many ecommerce websites in my hometown of Adelaide fail to write good product titles. I thought what a shame. What a missed opportunity. Many people pay an SEO specialist like myself to improve a website while many just miss factors like this that they possess the ability to modify themselves.

I will provide an example to demonstrate both good and bad product titles with the use of a random yellow umbrella I found on the internet. Imagine I sell a yellow beach umbrella as seen in the picture below.

An image of an yellow umbrella on a beach.

Examples of Good Titles:

  • Yellow beach umbrella
  • Yellow beach umbrella | Waterproof and windproof
  • Beach umbrella | Waterproof | Windproof | Yellow

The titles provide a mixture of conciseness, descriptiveness, and clarity. A human not only reads them at a glance with more clarity but it also helps Google understand the product. I split the titles with the pipe ("|") separator but others exist such as a forward slash ("/"), a dash ("-"), and much more. Just ensure the separator remains consistent and don’t use a mixture of different separators such as both a pipe ("|") and a forward slash ("/").

Examples of Bad Titles:

  • Umbrella
  • Umbrella for the beach that keeps the sun off your head and the skin safe.
  • Umbrella | Cheap | Good | Discount Central | Really Good | Must Have It

The first example provides no context or descriptive information, just a plain old generic title. Is it for the beach or for the rain? Who knows. The second example lacks conciseness and instead gives an overly descriptive sentence. The third example, the worst of them all, uses what Google calls keyword stashing. Avoid keyword stashing like the plague because Google will possibly outright ignore it all together.

As always, this website tip will not send you skyrocketing to the top of Google, however, many small factors added together give your website the best chance to show higher organically on Google.

A good rule of thumb: Write a descriptive, clear and concise title, brief but impactful.