Aug 4, 2023

Why did my emails go down?: A dire need for help with emails.

Sav Tripodi with emails on fire behind him.
The feeling of when emails go down.

Emails: something almost everyone uses.

Love them or hate them they reign king of modern day communication. Tons of apps exist for communication such as iMessage, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Reddit, Google Meets, and many more. From phone calls, text messages, status updates to forum posts and yet email, in my opinion, sits at the top.

As a website developer many clients of mine asked if I am able to help them with their emails. Some wanted custom emails but lacked the knowledge on how to set it up themselves, others pleaded for my help because their emails failed to send and receive.

The more I helped people with their emails the more I saw why people required help. An easy exercise, imagine your emails cease to work for one week. No sending, no receiving, nothing for one week. For most businesses and individuals this presents an unacceptable situation, yet for me I see it often.

Problems with emails occur for a multitude of reasons such as misconfigured email settings, expired domains, hackers that steal credentials, internet connectivity problems, and much more.

Due to the demand of requests I decided to offer email services. I choose the platform, I configure emails, I setup the email filters, I explain how to use the emails, and I contact the call centres for further support.

In the past I never managed emails, as a business we focused solely on websites. However, as we discovered, emails require human intervention at some point. No matter the automation, no matter the chatbots, at some point, things go wrong.

Why People Hire Me to Manage Their Emails

When people run their emails through me they possess an immediate IT support contact. No more call centres overseas. No more obligation to spell names with acronyms: J for jest, O for opal, and E for elephant. No more waste of time. My clients call me when an issue occurs and I fix it there and then. More importantly, I configure everything correct from the start, therefore, problems occur on a rare basis.

People choose me to run their emails for several main reasons:

  • Correct from the Start: No more misconfigurations or expired accounts due to overdue bills that disrupt emails. I configure everything correct from the start.
  • Peace of Mind: Business owners want to run their business not spend the day in an attempt to fix some odd IT issue, they know if something happens I am contactable.
  • Local Help: Business owners know a local aussie helps manage their emails, not some huge overseas company. When a problem occurs they contact me and I fix the issue.

My Email Services

I offer a range of email services, each one stems from a direct request I received from businesses that I work with. They range from a full custom email setup, email support services to custom email rules and filters.

Below I provide a snippet of some of the main email services that I offer, such as:

  • Custom Email Setup: I setup and configure as many custom emails as required by a business and act as the administrator of the account.
  • Consolidation of Emails: I merge email accounts from Gmail, Outlook and other platforms into one platform. No more separate email platforms and logins, just one consolidated account.
  • Multiple Senders in One Account: I setup one account to send emails from multiple different email addresses such as [email protected], [email protected] and however many others a client desires.
  • Email Support: I offer support and help with problems that occur with email accounts that I setup or email accounts setup by others.
  • Email Filters: I go into an email account and configure filters to move emails into separate folders. It clears the clutter and allows my clients to focus on only the most important emails.

My Emails Went Down. Please Someone Help Me.

Feel free to reach out and I am more than happy to help fix any email problems. Most of my clients reside within both Adelaide and other states in Australia but I am more than happy to help others around the world.

Drop me a line at [email protected]!