Aug 7, 2022

We landed our biggest job ever with Jobs Statewide

The Jobs Statewide logo on top a picture of the skyline of Sydney, Australia.
Jobs Statewide on top of a beautiful picture of Sydney's skyline.

Dom and myself recently landed our biggest client ever with an Adelaide based company called Jobs Statewide. They came to us with a critical and short deadline handed to them by the Government. They needed to set up their new offices in Sydney and Melbourne and they wanted us to handle the set up of their IT infrastructure in each of their new offices.

After negotiating a deal we hit the ground running on a trip to get their tech up and running with an sensitive deadline. We started with a super early flight from Adelaide airport and once landing in Sydney and Melbourne we went straight to the first offices.

I had a hire car in Sydney where I transported laptops, desktops, servers, and a whole bunch of other tech across 6 different locations. These suburbs included Bankstown, Cabramatta, Campbell Town, Fairfield, Ingleburn, and Liverpool, all located within the South Western suburbs of Sydney. It did not help that during my travels there was severe flooding in Sydney and I ran out of clothes to wear as every outfit I bought was soaked. I was thinking at one point they should have hired me a boat not a car.

Dom was simultaneously running around several offices in Melbourne which included Box Hill, Cheltenham, Cranbourne, Coburg, Dandenong, Fitzroy, Frankston, and Prahran. Most of the tech was already couriered to their designated locations so Dom was lucky enough to only have to take Ubers for his travel. I say lucky because driving in Melbourne and Sydney is a nightmare compared to the traffic in Adelaide, we are like a tiny little country town compared to them.

We worked day and night for just over a week and were able to successfully hit the deadline and get their offices up and running. We connected servers, imaged computers, and hooked up more ethernet cords than we can remember. Even though we worked day and night and hardly got any sleep, we were committed to hitting Jobs Statewide deadline as we knew it was critical for them. So we grinded very hard. We do not always work like that but when it happens we do not shy away from working overtime to hit an important deadline.

All in all the job was unbelievably fun and extremely challenging! They approached us with a very tight deadline and we were able to deal with the pressure and get the job done in time. We did a complete fit out and got their offices up and running. We will return several times over the next few months to further refine the set up and ensure it continues to run smoothly for years to come.

It was awesome to learn new skills, challenge ourselves, and showcase our flexibility with such an established company in Adelaide like Jobs Statewide. It is also very humbling to work alongside my brother as we continue to build Sanico Software together.