Nov 22, 2023

One of the Most Unique Websites I Have Created: By Fabiano - SA Local Winemaker

Home page of By Fabiano website as created by Sanico Software.
Landing page of By Fabiano.

Myself and my brother Dom created one of the most particular and unique websites for a local wine label called By Fabiano.

Fabiano, a local SA winemaker and his business partner Alex wanted to create a custom ecommerce storefront for their unique new wine label called By Fabiano.

Based in Mclaren Vale South Australia they produce a high quality wine with roots to their Italian heritage as described by this excerpt from their website:

“Working amidst a distinctive terroir, including ancient soils, Fabiano’s range is deeply rooted in his Italian heritage, with the aim to inspire a legacy within the McLaren Vale region. This merger between wine cultures ultimately becomes a new tradition with the goal of handing it over to future generations. It is not the fruit that is to be adapted to his style, but rather his style that adapts to the fruit’s expression.”

Alex from By Fabiano reached out to us from a recommendation and explained his plans for the website. As a local South Aussie I felt quite excited to bring this project to life. We came to an agreement to create the website and immediately broke ground on the new project.

Every client I work with possesses a different set of requirements they desire for their website. Some clients provide me with a list of websites they want me to use as inspiration, some give me a logo with a variety of pictures and leave the design decisions to me, and others possess distinct custom designs that they request me to follow.

A section from the By Fabiano website custom designed by Alex. A section from the By Fabiano website custom designed by Alex.

By Fabiano possessed the most distinct and unique styles ever requested by a client of mine. He specifically wireframed the website designs himself on desktop and we then used that as inspiration for the mobile phone designs. We design websites for common screen types, as customers use more than just one type of device when they browse the internet such as desktop, mobile, and tablet. These days the majority of website users actually use mobile.

No out of the box template existed for this type of website, myself and Dom handcrafted each section of the website with the unique requests of Alex. Obviously it costs more than the $10 a month cheap Wix template but the difference shows like night and day. By Fabiano wanted something handcrafted and the end product speaks for itself.

We handcrafted the website on top of the mighty powerful Shopify ecommerce platform. As I discussed in multiple other posts on the blog we utilise Shopify because we find it provides the highest quality, user friendly, and well rounded features of any other ecommerce platform on the market today. It allows us to focus on the appearance and user experience while Shopify takes care of the checkout and product management, a match made in heaven.

An explaination of the wine story of By Fabiano. The story of By Fabiano from the website.

Overall we went through the highest number of drafts for this website compared to any other website developed by us. We provide a reasonable number of drafts as we never release a website that a client dislikes, we aim for the highest quality and highest client satisfaction. Although that sounds cheesy… “client satisfaction”… it really holds true, when we aim for high quality and client satisfaction it leads to a very unique website.

In the case of Alex from By Fabiano he possessed an extremely particular style that led to the highest number of design drafts but by the end of the process together we created one of the most unique websites. The website consists of a particular style that some might vehemently dislike and others overwhelmingly appreciate but one thing is for sure, it’s definitely something you don’t see every day.

A looped video from the By Fabiano website. A looped video from the By Fabiano website.

By Fabiano helps in our mission to create a better internet. We live in a world bloated with subpar websites created in Wix, SquareSpace, and other dirt cheap website platforms. Slow, ugly, non-user friendly websites that leave a bad taste in your mouth, just like when you go to an average restaurant. You probably do not want to return.

One website at a time I try my best to make a change to the internet and create spaces that people actually enjoy and leave with a positive impression. My personal mission and the mission of Sanico Software consists of the desire to create fast, sleek, beautiful, and unique websites, one website at a time.

I highly recommend you check out the website By Fabiano and purchase one of their high quality wines curated by renowned SA local winemaker Fabiano Minchella. They are not some big corporate wine company, they are a local family team with a passion and culture for wine rooted to their Italian origins. Something I think all local Australians would appreciate.

With an appearance in the well known and prestigious publication ‘23 Gourmet Traveller Italian issue it is definitely worth a taste.

Check out the website here: