May 14, 2024

LinkedIn Spam: Is anyone else getting spammed?

Does anyone else on LinkedIn get their inbox filled with a boat load of spam? I want to know the people that would reply to a message like the one below.

Hi Sav, In the tsunami of identical messages bombarding you, here is a flamingo swimming in a yard of pigeons. But seriously…

If I could show you a way to help the conversion rates for the team, would you be open to learning more?

PS: 1 helped 388 tech companies bring consistency to the story, core message, and value proposition… using a new sales deck.

PSS: Here is what I had in mind -> https__[WEBSITE LINK REDACTED]

Let’s break down her message…

Paragraph 1: Say something exaggerated to get my attention. “A tsunami, flamingo’s, and pigeon’s”, I have never met anyone start a conversation like that in person. She’s going for shock factor.

Paragraph 2: She insinuates she knows how to get higher conversions and asks if I am open to hearing about her secret sauce. Who would answer no to that question? In other words, she attempts to ask an irrefutable question to get someone to say “yes”. Yuck.

Paragraph 3: She quotes an oddly specific number “388” in an attempt to increase its realism. She is no longer beating around the bush but instead is affirming she has the secret sauce to land more business.

Last sentence: A link to her website, therefore, for those that don’t reply to the message they MIGHT click the link in curiosity and she technically wins by getting you to her website.

This message was not personal at all, for example, instead she could say:

“Hi Sav, I saw you are from Adelaide, I had actually lived in Adelaide a couple years ago. I stumbled upon your profile and saw that you run your own business Sanico Software, your website looks excellent. I wanted to reach out as I work with small businesses and offer my sales experiences to help improve sales conversions. Would be great to have a chat, take care.”

If she sent me a message like that the chances I would reply would be much higher, at least more than 0%. However, the person that sent the message intended to send it to 100’s if not 1000’s of businesses and utilise a fake profile to pose as a woman through a paid LinkedIn profile. If it is a real account than I’d be shocked if she believes a generic message to a business owner is a good tactic, in my opinion her own conversions would be… low 🥁.

As a small business owner and Software Engineer I receive an unbelievable amount of spam. I will take a punt and say I am not alone in the amount of spam I receive from emails, Instagram, Linkedin, or other platforms. It’s terrible. Is anyone else in the same boat?

An image of the original message I received.

A linkedin spam post that I received