Jun 21, 2023

I love you Software.

Text that read I love Software, with an image of a love heart instead of the text Love.
I love you so much Software.

Yes you read it right. I love Software. Software is my passion, something that I lose myself in. Call me a weird geek but I love me some zero’s and one’s. When I write Software I come to life, I feel exhilarated. Whether I program in the morning, afternoon or the middle of the night, time loses meaning. I write Software for work, for pleasure, and for a challenge. Whether paid or unpaid, I am writing Software.

Do I have a hobby? Sure do, Software.

Do I have a job? Sure do, Software.

Do I have something to do this weekend? Sure do, Software.

Call it strange or call it obsessed, I love Software.

When am I unhappy? When I am not writing Software.

When am I bored? When I am not writing Software.

When I write Software, I am not in competition with someone. Is there a better Software Engineer than me? You betcha! Does that matter? No, I love Software.

Think of a question and I will give you an answer: I love Software.

Just like any love, some days I despise Software. I am angry with it. I want to stop talking to it for a bit. When I calm down, take a breather, I come back and reluctantly apologise. Look… I am sorry… I love you Software. Oh, how you drive me up the wall sometimes. Oh, how you get under my skin. Oh, the countless arguments we have. But listen my old friend, Software, I love you. Every single line of you.

I love Software because it allows me to express myself and ideas into an executable program. It allows me full creative freedom. A boundless environment of creativity.

Do I obese over Software tools? No.

Do I battle over the best web framework to use? No.

Do I battle over tabs vs spaces? No.

Do I jump on the mainstream bandwagon? No. Do I debate over Test Driven Development? No.

I just write Software, if someone possesses a different opinion, power to them. Software is open and that is the most exciting part about it. More than one way exists to cook an egg.

To my dear reader, I hope you find what you love in your life, like I have with Software. I hope you don’t become too cynical in your quest to find it. I promise when you do, you will want to write an article like I just did.