Apr 18, 2023

How Shopify support can help your website grow

Cover image saying Shopify Support with symbols of growth.
Shopify Support is a small request that has massive upside.

Shopify is a superior ecommerce platform that helps small businesses sell their products online. It has an ongoing cost to use but this cost is offset easily if you have a thriving store. If you are not a developer, you are required to use one of the several free template themes on offer which has its goods and bads. The major good is that you can have a passable website that allows selling online. However, the bad is that you may face issues changing, updating and even selling anything on this website. Getting Shopify support from a local expert should not be underestimated in solving these bad problems.

First and foremost, before sourcing a local Shopify expert, it is worth checking out the Shopify Help Center as Shopify provides worthwhile information on a lot of common issues.

Shopify Help Center quick options for support Shopify Help Center quick options for support.

They also provide a great support chat online for paying customers. They will often help solve simple issues if you are willing to wait for instant message responses.

However, communicating through instant messages or reading online documentation can also become a headache for the business owner. They want to focus on their product and consumer side but are forced to liaise with support teams and spend time trying to fix issues that they are not experts in.

I recommend to business owners to give it a go themselves but if it is taking too much of their time - hire a local Shopify expert. A recent example comes to mind of our client The Naked Soap Company. After publishing their website, they wanted a proper search functionality that was designed with their brand colours. They also wanted extra information on their product page that displayed ingredients and directions in a drop down style. They needed to focus on producing and selling their products and didn’t have the time or expertise to figure out how to implement these features.

They requested my help and I was able to implement both of these features while adhering to their exact design requirements.

The Naked Soap Company search feature working The Naked Soap Company search feature working.

The Naked Soap Company ingredients and directions sections The Naked Soap Company ingredients and directions sections.

As an expert, I was able to implement these features and revise the final changes based on their feedback. It takes an expert like myself less time to complete and contributes to improving the usability of the online store. This may seem like a small example but there have been countless times where an approaching client has hit their limits and wanted to seek expert Shopify help.

It was not long ago another client of ours requested shipping rates based on postcodes. They wanted to change the price of shipping based on the local postcodes in SA. There are several published apps on Shopify that assist with this, however…

  • Which is the best one?
  • How is it correctly configured?
  • How does it integrate with the website?

We researched the application that best suited the clients needs, found the correct plan to use, integrated it with the website and showed our client how to use the application correctly.

Receiving Shopify support from a local expert can help grow your store while you focus on the important tasks. A small fee can go a long way to making your store thrive and convert more sales. An expert like myself can find improvements and make suggestions upon inspection too. Doing it all yourself can have its benefits but receiving expert help can save you a lot of time and money in the long run too.