Hi guys ๐Ÿ‘‹,

This is Sav Tripodi, Co-Founder and Software Engineer here at Sanico Software.

I started Sanico Software with my brother Dom Tripodi many years ago after we left our big paycheck jobs at large engineering organisations.

I reached a point in my life where I felt I wanted something more impactful. Something where I could use my software expertise to change the world for the better. So I turned to my brother and said letโ€™s make our own software company.

My brother agreed and convinced me to start our journey with building websites for local companies. A logical first step as my passion for software started when I built my first website at the age of 16.

As we progressed in the industry and earned our first few clients I noticed how many businesses owned old, slow, ugly, and poorly written websites created in Wix, SquareSpace, and WordPress.

Instead with our expertise we handcrafted beautiful, fast, and impactful websites in a software industry dominated with spam, fraud, and unqualified individuals.

I will never forget when we finished a website for one of our first clients. She felt so overwhelmed that she cried with joy. At that moment I saw the direct impact of my work and felt proud I helped another small business. I knew I entered the right industry.

After we developed more websites our clients asked us for help with other services such as software consulting, code auditing, software integrations, email services, and much more. Every service we offer originated from a client request, a real business requirement.

I am as passionate as the day I first started and after every completed project I still feel that buzz of excitement. An accomplishment that I finished the day and helped another small business, a fellow local in the community.

Myself, my brother and the team at Sanico will make the software world better one client, one project, and one line of code at a time.

Sav Tripodi

Co-Founder and Software Engineer