Apr 29, 2022

Welcome to Sanico's Blog

Sav and Dom Tripodi hugging each other
A photo of us (Sav and Dom) hugging each, with lots of love!

Welcome to Sanico’s Blog. We decided to create this blog because we want to share insightful information with local Adelaide businesses to help them leverage websites to create a stronger online presence and increase their discoverability on search engines such as Google in an organic manner.

First an introduction of who we are! We are Sav and Dom Tripodi, two brothers from Adelaide, South Australia. We have been an inseparable brothership team even before the days of Sanico Software where we now work together professionally. We have lived together all our lives, both went to the same school, both graduated in software bachelor degrees, both got girlfriends from the same party and both have similar jokes. Ok… maybe we spend way too much time together!

Although our venture Sanico Software is relatively new, we have been creating software for the past 10 years. We have made many software programs big and small, for organisations and companies that are also big and small, like IBM, the University of South Australia and Government departments. We have made countless personal software projects that have never seen the light of day, except one called Infinity Mural that we spent the last two years producing, publishing and promoting.

We have been making websites since we attended high school, although in Australia, and Adelaide in particular, the teaching of Information Technology in our school was very below par. So instead we learnt most of our skills in our own personal time and also in University. We both graduated from the University of South Australia, Dom in Software Engineering and Sav in Computer Science.

We started Sanico at the end of 2021 as a way to freelance and create web projects for local companies in Adelaide, South Australia. Whilst we worked own our personal project called Infinity Mural, for the last two years we barely looked at other local Adelaide websites within our industry. However, now that we work with local businesses we have seen some treacherous things.

The web industry is filled with people who have no idea what they’re doing. They are unaware of proper SEO standards, of how to create a website that passes Google’s PageSpeed Insights, how to properly optimise a website to ensure usability on both mobile and desktop computers and other technical details. Many locals are stuck with old websites that give them little to no business and were made at least 10 years ago. We even met a client who pays $150 a month for an SEO service that Google literally labels as malicious and ranks a website lower for this type of misbehaviour. Ouch.

So far at Sanico Software we have made websites for people who already had websites but were not happy with them. When we looked at the original websites we noticed that some breached HTML, CSS and JavaScript standards, used shonky SEO standards and were close to unusable on mobile devices. In summary, we understand why they felt unhappy with their websites, they lacked discoverability and anyone that found them would probably leave quickly due to a poor user experience.

There seems to be a shift in mentality that social media is the only means to attract new customers and websites are a thing of the past. This cannot be further from the truth. If someone wants to search for a local tradie or any other type of service, Google and other search engines are hands down one of the best ways to find someone. For example, if someone writes into Instagram “local Adelaide tradie “, it is difficult to find a local Adelaide tradie to hire. We invite you to try this yourself. However, if I use Google or any other type of search engine I will be able to find a local Adelaide tradie pretty quickly.

I am not against Instagram, Facebook or any other type of social media. My point is that a website provides an excellent way to increase discoverability for a business and increase their online presence. In our personal opinion, there are particular companies who are leveraging websites in Adelaide to increase discoverability while others are missing out by trying to solely chase social media avenues, because it’s the latest buzz.

We have a lot more to say but we will save it for future posts. Sanico’s Blog will be a method to share success stories, failures, lessons learnt, and interesting information for local Adelaide businesses who want to get the most out of an online presence through a website. We look forward to writing some awesome posts and helping local Adelaide businesses up their game with some discoverable, beautiful and usable websites.