May 9, 2024

Don't Communicate with Unedited AI Responses

This is a personal opinion and perspective from a software engineer. Given, maybe doing this to unsuspecting and less tech savvy individuals may work, but this is a big no in my books.

If God (or whoever your believe in) makes everyone powerful, in reality, no one is powerful. Tools like ChatGPT, Bard, Perplexity, Jasper etc. are great for particular situations but they should not become replacements for general communication between humans.

It can make a human feel degraded and less than important if they realise your responses lack authenticity. There is very little incentive to respond to a robot.

Recent Example of Frustration

We had multiple individuals recently provide their resume to work for our company. I took quite a liking to a particular individual, had met them in person and interacted with detailed responses. I then began receiving large responses generated from an AI tool. Maybe this individual thought it was clever but instead it felt instantly impersonal and showed a lack of respect.

My opinion on this topic may be unpopular and others may enjoy communicating through automated responses… Just remember, if everyone is generating their responses through AI, it will only make the authentic responses stand out clearer. Spelling mistakes, misuse of grammar and styles of writing are becoming more prevalent in identifying the authenticity of responses.

Authenticity comes from you

Soon (probably now), people are going to request chatbots to make mistakes on purpose. Did you know if you just wrote a response from your brain, it is immediately authentic?

AI is a fantastic tool for many things but too often I see people treat it like a key (solution) and shove it into any lock (problem) they see. This can result in interesting solutions but also means a tremendous amount of locks are abused in the process.

The last question I ask is… If you were talking to someone in person, would you generate your response on your phone and then read it aloud?

The only yes I could ever conceive for that answer is if words were being translated from another language. Otherwise, I would hope this never comes to fruition.